Flies and Fly Tying

Hareline Ostrich Herl
For scuds, streamers, winging and bodies.
$ 6.50 Excl. tax
Dr. Slick Whip Finisher 4"
The quickest way to finish off your fly and give it a professional appearance. Use the 4-inch models for small to medium flies or the 6-inch model for larger flies.
All Models Rotary With Built-In Half Hitch Tool
Brass Handle
4 Inches
$ 8.00 Excl. tax
STS Trilobal Dub
This Trilobal dubbing is long and spikey, and will add lif and translucency to your flies. Works great in a dubbing loop and brusehd out
$ 2.75 Excl. tax
Silvey's Purple Nurple
This is another great fly by master fly tyer and steelhead guide Brian Silvey. If he ties it you know it will produce. Every Steelhead angler should have a selection of these in their fly box.
$ 3.25 Excl. tax
Renzetti Presentation 2000 Vise W/Pedestal Base
The Renzetti Presentation 2000 Cam Series Vises offers the tyer some of the best features of our vises at a very competitive price. Among the features are the Renzetti's patented adjustable jaw hinge and anti corrosion coated cam jaws, allowing the tyer t
$ 325.95 Excl. tax
Fly Fishing Book of Revelation, By Jay Nicholas
Fly Fishing Book of Revelation isn’t your ordinary, fact-based, reference guide to language bandied about by fly anglers. Nope. This is the Director’s Cut glossary, an exposition that will shine a light on the meaning, origin, folklore, etiquette, and nua
$ 29.95 Excl. tax
Mini Intruder
$ 4.50 Excl. tax
Angora Goat Dubbing
$ 2.50 Excl. tax
Dr. Slick Whip Finisher 6"
$ 8.50 Excl. tax
Angel Hair
This fine shredded mylar is perfet fo all types of steelhead flies. Put it in composite loops, chop it up and dub with it, put it in the wing of your fly,put it in the body of your baitfish fly. The sky’s the limit with this stuff. So many great color you
$ 3.50 Excl. tax
Extra Select Marabou
This Extra Select Marabou is hand picked for size and quality. This is marabou can be used on the largest Steelhead and Salmon flies.
$ 2.75 Excl. tax
OPST Steelhead Shanks
OSPT's Steelhead Shanks have a slim shank all the way up to the eye, allowing you to use them with nearly any bead or cone. Coming in 32, 51 and a magnum 75 mm (1, 2 and 3 inch) sizes, our shanks can be incorporated into steelhead flies of nearly any size
$ 8.00 Excl. tax
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