Echo Boost Fly Rod
Performance. Precision. Flat-out FAST. The deafening call for an ultra efficient rod capable of producing blistering line speed with minimal effort has been answered. Enter the ECHO BOOST. The culmination of Tim's relentless tweaking, the BOOST is built f
$ 249.95 Excl. tax
Scott Meridian Fly Rod
The all new Meridian saltwater rods build on Scott’s award winning ReAct technology to bring you a series of saltwater rods that are remarkably light, and generate exceptional line speed and power.
Using increased recovery speed rather than stiffness to m
$ 865.00 Excl. tax
CF Burkheimer Saltwater Rod
The salt. Some of the most demanding fishing on Earth calls for the most exacting rods.
You’ve just found them.

Advanced designs and strong reinforcement ensure these rods are tough enough to handle whatever the big water can bring. Burkheimer use strong
$ 850.00 Excl. tax
Scott Tidal Fly Rod
$ 495.00 Excl. tax
Sage Motive Fly Rod
Sage's all-new MOTIVE saltwater rods are ideal for seasoned saltwater fans looking to complement their rod arsenal, and fly fishers new to the salt who want to experience the many hard-fighting species without breaking the bank. Constructed of time-proven
$ 500.00 Excl. tax
G. Loomis-NRX
When conditions call for long, delicate casts using extremelylight leaders to help you fool spooky fish, the NRX LP rods are the answer. They are smooth casting, soft tapers for managing long, whisper-thin leaders and small to medium-sized dry flies. They
$ 845.00 Excl. tax
To put your best foot forward in high stakes fishing, you need a tool built for the exacting conditions of every unique fishery. The SALT HD lineup of rods are constructed differently - each with purpose.
$ 950.00 Excl. tax
CF Burkheimer Sea-Trout Rod
Built for the rugged Pacific Northwest coastal environment where Sea-run Cutthroat call home. Like the fish, these rods not only stand up to this environment, they thrive.
$ 895.00 Excl. tax
Winston Saltwater Air
$ 975.00 Excl. tax