Alec Jackson Heavy Wire
This Alec Jackson hook is produced using heavier wire, which provides extra weight for submerging flies and extra strength for large powerful fish.
Same shape as Alec
$ 13.95 Excl. tax
Gamakatsu T10-6H Steelhead Hook
T10-6H Salmon Tapered Loop Up-Eye Traditional Series Fly Hook
Salmon/Steelhead Wet Flies.
$ 8.75 Excl. tax
Alec Jackson Steelhead Irons
Tapered-loop up-eye, forged 10 pack
Uses: Traditional flies for steelhead and salmon fishing.
$ 9.95 Excl. tax
Gamakatsu Finesse Wide Gap Hook
This hook is commonly used for trailer hooks or tube flies. Also great for glo bugs
Slight up turned eye
Short Shank
Wide Gap
$ 4.75 Excl. tax
Daiichi Alec Jackson 2051
Alec Jackson is a fly tier and hook designer who lives in the Seattle, WA area. This hook was specifically designed by Alec to produce spey flies that appeal aesthetically to both men and fish. Also preferred by many tiers, who tie collectable “full dress
$ 11.75 Excl. tax
OPST Swing Hooks
All OPST Swing Hooks come barbless, causing the minimum possible amount of damage and stress to fish and people alike. The slightly upturned eye produces an optimal line of pull into the fish, and enables proper fly assembly when using shanks, tubes and s
$ 4.95 Excl. tax
Gamakutsu T10-3H Steelhead Light Wire Hook
T10-3H Salmon Dry 1x Fine Traditional Series Fly Hook
Salmon/Steehead Dry Flies.
$ 8.25 Excl. tax
Blue Heron Spey Hooks By Dave Mcneese
Remember...its not worth buying cheap hooks. Or as the saying goes..."you can't afford to buy cheap".These feature a fine blued finish in C-80 steel with a very small, long return eye angled at 5% to prevent the fly from riding up on the swing. They have
$ 14.95 Excl. tax
Gamakatsu B10S Stinger
This is a great hook for large streamer or hair bug flies for bass and trout.
Nickel Silver
Straight Eye
1X Strong heavy wire
Wide Gap
$ 6.75 Excl. tax
Gamakatsu Heavy Salmon-Tube Fly Hook
L11S-3H Traditional Series Fly Hook
Salmon & Steelhead 3x strong Heavy Salmon/Steelhead Flies and tube fly trailer.
$ 8.75 Excl. tax
Daiichi 2110
Wide-gape, Limerick bend, medium wire, down-eye, forged Uses: Bombers and other flies for salmon, steelhead, bass or large trout
$ 5.95 Excl. tax
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