Rio Fluoroflex Plus Tippet
Nearly invisible to fish, the Fluoroflex Plus Tippet is ultra strong, incredible supple and ties excellent knots, even to nylon tippet and leaders. Made from the thinnest fluorocarbon on the market, the Fluoroflex Plus' strength makes for great trout mate
$ 14.95 Excl. tax
Rio Fluoroflex Saltwater Tippet
RIO's Fluoroflex Saltwater Tippet is medium stiff and made from 100% fluorocarbon material. A tough saltwater tippet, the Fluoroflex is abrasion resistant, super strong, and easy to knot. Great for casting the largest of flies and in tough winds, this tip
$ 12.95 Excl. tax
Rio Hard Mono Saltwater Tippet
RIO's Alloy Hard Saltwater tippet features a very stiff, super abrasion-resistant nylon monofilament material. Ideal for casting the largest flies and in tough winds, the Alloy is the easiest of all hard tippet materials to knot. This tippet's stiffness i
$ 5.95 Excl. tax
Rio Powerflex Tippet 30yd Spool
A high tenacity copolymer with excellent knot strength, abrasion-resistance, stretch and suppleness. Sometimes called double strength nylon. Used for all species, the light gray provides superb camouflage in any sub-aquatic environment.
"X" Diameter Diame
$ 4.95 Excl. tax
Rio Powerflex Wire Bite
The RIO Powerflex Wire Bite Tippet is a tough, flexible nylon-coated wire that's perfect for those sharp toothed critters. This knotable wire is super supple, allowing you to tie directly to the fly. Available in a 15 foot interlocking spool with our pate
$ 17.95 Excl. tax
Rio Saltwater Tippet
Like most RIO tippets, the Saltwater Nylon is easy to knot and a great option for any angler. Made from general purpose saltwater tippet material, the Saltwater Nylon is great for casting the largest flies and in tough winds. 30 yard spools come in 8 - 30
$ 4.95 Excl. tax
Rio Steelhead/ Salmon Tippet
Medium stiff tippet – ideal for salmon, steelhead and spey. For 2016 RIO has changed this material to a glacial green color to better blend into the water.
$ 5.95 Excl. tax
RIO Two Tone Indicator Tippet Pink/Chartreuse
A high-viz, two colored nylon tippet, with color changes every 8" - ideal for nymphing and indicators
$ 14.95 Excl. tax