Gamakatsu Finesse Wide Gap Hook
This hook is commonly used for trailer hooks or tube flies. Also great for glo bugs
Slight up turned eye
Short Shank
Wide Gap
$ 4.75 Excl. tax
Gamakatsu G-Carp Specialist R
A special "Claw Hook" with ultra-thin and extremely sharp hook tip turns 15 degrees inwardly for perfect hook sets
$ 4.95 Excl. tax
Gamakatsu SC15
This is the hgook choice for Florida Keys Guides! This hook is used for everything from shrimp to crabs.
Tin Plated
Straight Eye
Wide Gap
$ 5.75 Excl. tax
Gamakatsu J20 Jig Nymph Hook
Fly tyers rejoice. This new Gamakatsu Jig Nymph is the only hook you’ll need for tying your favorite micro streamers and jig nymphs. In countless tests, the 60-degree eye bend delivers the most natural presentation, but it’s also available with a vertical
$ 6.50 Excl. tax
Gamakatsu B10S Stinger
This is a great hook for large streamer or hair bug flies for bass and trout.
Nickel Silver
Straight Eye
1X Strong heavy wire
Wide Gap
$ 6.75 Excl. tax
Gamakatsu SL12S Bluewater Hook
This is “THE BIG GAME HOOK”, the bigger the better. Tarpon billfish or anything that swims in the ocean. This has become one of the go to hooks for top tournament anglers.
Big Game
Tin Plated
Straigh Eye
Wide Gap
2x Heavy Wire
$ 7.15 Excl. tax
Gamakatsu SC15-2H
This is one of the best Trapon or billfish hooks on the market. This is the same hook as the SC15 but 2 times heavy.
Tin Plated
2x Heavy Wire
Straight Eye
Wide Gap
$ 7.95 Excl. tax
Gamakutsu T10-3H Steelhead Light Wire Hook
T10-3H Salmon Dry 1x Fine Traditional Series Fly Hook
Salmon/Steehead Dry Flies.
$ 8.25 Excl. tax
Standard Bonefish/Tarpon Flies and Billfish Flies.
$ 8.50 Excl. tax
Gamakatsu Heavy Salmon-Tube Fly Hook
L11S-3H Traditional Series Fly Hook
Salmon & Steelhead 3x strong Heavy Salmon/Steelhead Flies and tube fly trailer.
$ 8.75 Excl. tax
Gamakatsu T10-6H Steelhead Hook
T10-6H Salmon Tapered Loop Up-Eye Traditional Series Fly Hook
Salmon/Steelhead Wet Flies.
$ 8.75 Excl. tax
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