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AquaTalon Swing Hooks


We designed our AquaTalon hooks after many years of on-the-water experience. An obvious need emerged for an ultra precise, high performance hook that is as fish-friendly as possible.


Aqua Flies and Jerry French have collaborated to produce the very best swing hook on the market. AquaTalon Swing Hooks are designed for optimal fish hooking and landing.ξCurrently available in size 2, with other sizes coming soon. Packaged in 25 and 100 packs.


äó¢ Continuous, round shape for superior strength

äó¢ Slight drop point for an ideal hook-up location

äó¢ Fine wire size for maximum penetration

äó¢ 20ŒÁ turned up eye for a perfect girth hitch to trailing loop

äó¢ Offset point

äó¢ Micro barb for those that need one

äó¢ Made in Japan


The ultimate trailer hook