30 Years of Tips *Tricks* Patterns Flytying
The best fly tying patterns, tips and tricks from the past 30 years of Fly Rod & Reel magazine. Discover the most effective, most original, and most historic flies published in the 30-year history of Fly Rod & Reel magazine. Filled with fly-tying tips and
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Sea-Run Cutthroat: Flies & Flyfishing, Jay Nicholas
This book provides a modern review of the Oncorhynchus clarki clarki life history, behaviors in the Oregon estuaries and rivers, discusses fly fishing strategies, and shows photographs and tying recipes for 60 great fly patterns that cover the wide range
$ 27.95 Excl. tax
Tying Heritage Featherwing Streamers, Sharon E. Wright
Learn the mysteries of the Carrie Stevens method of making Rangeley-style streamers-one of the most enduring, effective, and beautiful baitfish imitations for catching trout. Step-by-step photo tutorials walk the reader through the entire process of tying
$ 27.95 Excl. tax
The North Umpqua Chronicles
A year spent fishing the famed pools of the North Umpqua. Each of the 140 pools is different but after 34 years you know them pretty well. McRae tells you about each pool, what kind of flies to use & what spots to hit.
$ 26.95 Excl. tax
Oregon River Maps & Fishing Guide
Features the best 32 Oregon rivers covering 1000 miles of river. Included for each river are the best seasons, species, available illustrated fishing methods (both fly & gear), best flies & best gear for individual rivers & species, fly hatches, knots, la
$ 25.00 Excl. tax
Eastern Rises- Felt Soul Media
Felt Soul partnered with The Fly Shop to document an epic fly fishing journey to Russia's remote Kamchatka Peninsula. Ben Knight and Travis Rummel continue to set the bar for filmmakers working in this genre. Ryan Peterson and Frank Smethurst get a thumbs
$ 25.00 Excl. tax
Nervous Water
$ 25.00 Excl. tax
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