Super Flies, By Jay Nicholas
This first 6 x 9" black-and-white print edition features over 70 ink sketches including each of the featured flies, presenting a diverse collection of 52 Super Flies: patterns that have earned hall-of-fame status. This collection is well-stocked with trou
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Super Flies Color, By Jay Nicholas
This 8.5 x 11” full-color edition features over 140 color photographs and is what one might describe as the deluxe "Super Flies" edition. I set out to provide photographs of all 52 featured Super Flies using genuine vintage Eagle Claw and Mustad hooks whe
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Salmon Prose, By Jay Nicholas
Editors usually ask this question first: "What is your target audience?" Editors cringe at the way I answer this question for "Salmon Prose." 1) Salmon fiction enthusiasts: the first two short stories are pure fantasy and quite unlike what most people wou
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Oregon Chinook Flies, By Jay Nicholas
Chinook salmon are magnificent creatures, whether fresh from the sea or digging in gravels hundreds of miles - months from the sea As a fisheries biologist for some four decades, I focused much of my angling and professional passion on Chinook salmon. Eve
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Intruder Essentials, By Jay Nicholas
Novice and intermediate level tyers will find a solid base for tying Intruder-style flies here, with rich photo imagery showing step by step tying techniques for 24 original patterns, plus abundant encouragement to explore the creative aspects of this fly
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Fly Fishing Pacific City, By Jay Nicholas
The Oregon Coast is an angling paradise, with opportunities to fish the ocean, estuary, rivers, and lakes during virtually every month of the year. Pacific City happens to be my personal angling home, where I fish for salmon, steelhead, sea-run cutthroat,
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Fly Fishing Book of Revelation, By Jay Nicholas
Fly Fishing Book of Revelation isn’t your ordinary, fact-based, reference guide to language bandied about by fly anglers. Nope. This is the Director’s Cut glossary, an exposition that will shine a light on the meaning, origin, folklore, etiquette, and nua
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