Stripee Finger Protection
$ 9.95 Excl. tax
ReviveX Synthetic Fabric Cleaner
efresh, renew and revive your outerwear
$ 8.95 Excl. tax
Morell Fly Boxes
These morell boxes are foam with ripple on one side and flat on the other. These boxes float if you drop them in the water and have a magnetic closure.
$ 14.00 Excl. tax
C&F Tarpon Grand Slam Waterproof Box
Beefed up version of the Micro Slit Foam Streamer box. Perfect for tarpon and other saltwater flies.
$ 44.75 Excl. tax
C&F Small Threader Box with Midge Size Threaders
Small box with midge size threaders for the small fly angler. Keep those hard to see flies threaded and ready to go.
$ 41.95 Excl. tax
C&F Small 3-Row Tube Fly Box
C&F Small 3-Row Tube Fly Box
$ 37.50 Excl. tax
C&F Medium Waterproof Streamer Box
A Medium-sized slit foam fly box for large and heavy flies, like streamers, stoneflies, steelhead patterns and bass bugs. Three rows of long slits on each side will hold about 90 flies firmly in place.
$ 40.25 Excl. tax
C&F Medium Waterproof 7 Pocket Box
7 Micro Slit Foam pockets hold 329 flies from size 10 to 22.
$ 40.25 Excl. tax
C&F Medium Waterproof 5 Pocket Box
Five rows of Mico Slit Foam on each side give a storage capacity for up to 235 flies, size #6 - #16.
$ 40.25 Excl. tax
C&F Medium Waterproof 4 Pocket Box
4 Micro Slit Foam pockets on each side holds up to 108 flies in a waterproof box. Perfect for larger flies.
$ 40.25 Excl. tax
C&F Large Waterproof Streamer Box
Waterproof box for big streamer flies. Slots for 90 flies.
$ 42.50 Excl. tax
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