Crossbreed Tenkara Line
CrossBreed is a new style of Tenkara line. It is PVC coated fly line that has been perfectly weighted to cast with a Tenkara rod. We have teamed up with legendary fly line manufacturers RIO to develop a supple fly line that is much lighter than traditio
$ 25.00 Excl. tax
Tenkara Furled Line
Tenkara Rod Co. Lines are hand-crafted with single strand construction, a 2mm nickel alloy tippet ring. They are non-tapered, yet turn flies far better than any mono lines on the market. They are available in 10.5', 13', and 16' lengths. The lightweight
$ 19.00 Excl. tax
Tenkara Line Clips
Tenkara line clips are the ideal solution for on the go line storage. These clips connect to your rod and allow you to quickly store your line. Some people like the clips and others prefer the line spool. They both work great!
- Includes 4 bands and tw
$ 8.00 Excl. tax
Tenkara Wooden Line Holder
These tenkara line holders are a must have!
They are great for quickly winding your line when getting to that next great spot is important. These spools are designed for tenkara rods and are just big enough to make winding your line a simple and quick. Th
$ 10.00 Excl. tax