Rising Brookie Net 10" Handle
Anodized Aluminum Net
Knurled texture for grip

Biggest Chinese clear bag available (US made version coming as we increase sales)

Measurement indicators on hoop - 10", 12",14",15",

Custom acetal bolt to hold hoop to handle securely, while allowing easy
$ 139.95 Excl. tax
Rising BT Crocodile 6" Plier
The ultimate fly fishing multi tool: cutting, crimping, de-barbing, and release tool all in the popular Bob's Tactical handle configuration. Our time tested Crocodile jaw for releasing fish without handling them has been improved - larger diameter Croc ja
$ 19.95 Excl. tax
Rising Ultralight Plier
The Ultralight has been a staple for us since 2006. In 2010 we improved the original by replacing the external spring with an internal one. Augmented operating tension.
* Smooth Tapered Tips - for easily debarbding everything from steelhead hooks to micro
$ 19.95 Excl. tax
Rising Bob's Tactical Sissors
BTS - Bobs Tactical Scissors - 6" length
* Proper sized thumb loop - because getting your thumb stuck in hemostats is weak

* Proper sized double finger loop - for more pulling power and control

* Angled tips - to facilitate de-barbing down to 20-22

* H
$ 17.95 Excl. tax
Rising Bob's Tactical De-Barb 4
True De-Barb even on size 28-30.
Lock designed in such a way that it does not engage while de-barbing, even small flies. This is a significant design detail. Trying to de-barb small flies when the lock engages on other's hemostats is annoying and often t
$ 14.50 Excl. tax
Crocodile 8.5" Red
Our crocodile design in 8.5" length. The larger size provided more pulling power, as well as a larger Crocodile jaw - allowing you to release larger hooks from bigger fish.
$ 13.00 Excl. tax
Rising Big Nippa
Nearly .75" cutting blade
Thumb control contour
Hand Friendly Shape
Cuts ALL Mono, Tippet and Braid (yes braid)
$ 11.95 Excl. tax
Rising Hook File
Losing fish because ones hook is not sharp enough is no way to enjoy fishing..Diamond grit grooves are what sharpen hooks the best, that is why we have two on the MD grit side. We also round the corners on both ends so it doesn't inadvertently snag or tea
$ 9.95 Excl. tax
Nippas Line Clipper
Product Description
The time tested design of standard line cutters left us unfulfilled, so we ensured the quality of our cutting blades, and dipped them in rubber for better grip and easier identification.

Straight sharp cutting blade
Rubber grip for c
$ 6.95 Excl. tax