OPST Head Wallet
NEW! The OPST Head Wallet is the key to keeping your Commando Heads in check. With seven accordion-style pockets made out or nylon mesh, the wallet allows your Commandos to dry and keeps them free of mold. The velcro close is immune to the corrosion commo
$ 35.00 Excl. tax
O.P.S.T. Wading Staff
The OPST Wading Staff is a four sectioned aluminum staff with a hardened tip. It self-assembles thanks to an internal bungee cord- just throw it out into the air and it will come together without any awkwardness. The handle is PVC foam that secures to a t
$ 120.00 Excl. tax
OPST Sink Tip Wallet
OPST's new for Fall 2016 Sink Tip Wallet keeps your sink tips neatly organized. With nylon resin mesh to facilitate drainage and a Velcro close, it is immune to the corrosion common in zippered sink tip wallets. Unique (now staggered) polyester line ID ta
$ 23.00 Excl. tax