Hareline Chocklett’s Body Wrap Hareline Chocklett’s Body Wrap
Hareline Chocklett’s Body Wrap Hareline Chocklett’s Body Wrap

Chocklett’s Body Wrap


Synthetic material for tying the game changer

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Article number: HL-CBW-Minnow Grey-Pack
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Game Changers have never been so easy to tie.

Chocklett's Body Wrap is a new material specifically designed to be combined with the Fish-Skull® Articulated Fish-Spine system and Living Eyes to tie the Game Changer, a phenomenal, multi-jointed streamer designed by Blane Chocklett.

Body Wrap is ideal for tying medium to large size Game Changers (typically between 3 to 7 inches long).



  • Eliminate gaps between the segments- The material allows for the body of the fly to be tied thicker, in turn making the fly swim better in the water.
  • Tie more flies per pack- The material is stitched on both sides so you can tie more flies per pack. You can trim at an angle to achieve a taper as you wind. The leftover trimmed piece is usable for another segment or fly.
  • Customize your flies- Use permanent markers to color your baitfish imitation. Pearl White is especially good for this.


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