Anglers Books Nymphs for Stream and Stillwaters by Dave Hughes
Anglers Books Nymphs for Stream and Stillwaters by Dave Hughes

Nymphs for Stream and Stillwaters by Dave Hughes


Learn more about subsurface presentations.

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Nymphs for Streams and Stillwaters is broken logically into four parts. The first part is an introduction to the way nymphing shapes itself with notes on streamside and lakeside observation, nymph selection based on what you observe, and recommendations on tools and materials for both basic and advanced methods for tying nymphs that take trout. The second part deals with the selection and detailed tying of all sorts of effective searching nymph patterns for moving water. The third part examines imitative nymphs for moving waters, tightly relating naturals to their imitations. The fourth part covers stillwater nymphs. Trout are more often selective in lakes and ponds, and the things they eat in stillwaters are often unlike trout foods in rivers and streams.

Provides a sound understanding of the relationship between naturals & their imitations, & between those imitations & the trout. You’ll learn what nymphs you should spend your time tying, you’ll learn how to tie them, & most important, you’ll learn where & how to fish them in order to catch more trout. Step-by-step instructions for 112 useful nymph flies. 995 color photos; 8.5x11 inches, 384 pgs.

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