Fly Fishing Collaborative provides sustainable livelihood that prevents children from entering sex-slavery through the building of Aquaponics Farms globally and justice initiatives locally.


Fly Fishing Collaborative is able to build Aquaponics Farms globally and fund local justice initiatives through the purchase of FFC branded gear and guided Fly Fishing Trips.




As a result of our partnership with Saddleback Leather Co., we're beyond excited to launch our brand new line of FFC Gear and think you're going to love it.


Your purchase of FFC Gear makes it possible for us to offer sustainable livelihood that prevents children from entering sex-slavery. Every dollar we take in helps fund the building of Aquaponics Farms globally and justice initiatives locally.


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How we do, what we do, can change the world.


We exist to use our passion for fly fishing for a good and just cause. According to United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), human trafficking is the world’s third largest enterprise after drugs and weapons. Over 2 million children are affected annually. Studies show that children caught in sex trafficking are victimized by 100–1500 perpetrators each year. We formed the FFC so that we can use our tools in fly fishing to give children the protection and healing they need. By partnering with professional fly fishing outfitters and guides around the world, we have the incredible opportunity to join the fight for freedom and recovery for these precious children.

The Fly Fishing Collaborative is offering professionally guided fly fishing trips and selling custom-made leather fly wallets. The money raised will be used to build sustainable farms to provide resources in areas where women and children often become currency.

Through aquaponics farming we provide sustainable livelihood and economic support to rescue and prevent more children from being sold into the sex slave industry.

Every $15,000 we raise will provide a totally sustainable tilapia farm that will be built for an orphanage or safe-home in order to provide them with food, income, water, and fresh produce. Additionally, this will empower their leaders to care for more children that would otherwise be sold into slavery.



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